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Project Alfie has been researching the use of alternative data for digital financial services since 2018 across the South East Asian region.

The explosion of data across social media, deep penetration of smartphones and the “merging” of our actual lives with our digital persona has created new dimensions in the understanding of risk.

We saw an opportunity for our technology to transform the way we considered and understood risks by assessing multiple risk dimensions from financial, behavioural and digital perspectives.

A more holistic approach to assessing and quantifying risk at the granular level would give more intimate insights into customers and buyers, thus giving more confidence to corporates and sellers to provide services and create products.

Money3: Alfie’s Islamic Finance digital microfinance app for the underserved communities

Alfie, in collaboration with Global Sadaqah (Islamic crowdfunding platform) and EZ.assist (e-commerce), have developed a unique Qard Hasan (benevolent loan) product to serve the Malaysian B40 communities under the Money3 App.

Money3 provides eligible B40 communities with an interest-free (zero profit) loan as seed funding to launch an online shop on the EZ.assist e-commerce platform. We support our Qard Hasan beneficiaries with a unique program to train, upskill and provide the necessary tools and right environment for them to become profitable online merchants. All profits from the online shop goes to the beneficiaries as income.

Using Alfie’s proprietary alternative credit scoring algorithm, we use smartphone-derived data to validate and better understand the Qard Hasan applicants’ circumstances and determine their eligibility for our program.

Through Money3, we wish to demonstrate how social finance can be better used to efficiently serve the “credit invisible” communities in a safe and rewarding manner.

What We Do

Customer Profiling

We can support your customer profiling efforts by leveraging on information obtained from application forms, customer interactions, directly from the customer or any other patterns such as shopping behaviour or loyalty card usage. The customer profiles will allow companies to better provide a fit for purpose product or service and to identify opportunities for cross or up-selling.

Alternative Credit Scoring

We leverage on alternative data collected directly from the prospect and other 3rd party sources to validate their creditworthiness by integrating financial, behavioural and digital footprints analysis.

Perpetual Credit Monitoring

We can assist you to monitor the changes in your customer’s behaviours and patterns that may indicate a change in financial circumstances that could increase the risk of default. We do this by monitoring various data inputs such as geolocations, types of transactions, online activities and SMS analysis (OTP, online delivery, collections agencies messages etc)

Premium Optimisation

We can help insurers correlate the prospect’s risk profile to their internal data to price policies appropriately based on their own claims experience and external data sources. We can also provide granular insights into a prospect’s risk behaviour by directly obtaining alternative data from them, e.g. geolocations, types of apps installed, social media to determine types of interests/ hobbies for riskiness etc.

Claims Processing

Using internal data and cross-validating it with other sources of 3rd party data, our AI is able to support the validation of claims and pre-approval of claims based on specific criteria. Alternative data such as geolocation data to confirm the location of car accidents and social media information to validate the event etc. provide additional validation points.

Meet The Professionals


Andrew is a fintech entrepreneur with a focus on digital financial services including e-wallets, digital lending and financial services using alternative data.

Andrew’s Payplus project represented Laos in the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018 and was a top 10 finalist for the ASEAN SME category.

Andrew has extensive risk consulting experience gained from over 14 years in Big 4 international audit and consulting firms KPMG and PwC. His clients ranged from Big 4 Australian Banks, major players in the Australian Superannuation industry, mid-tier banks and microfinance institutions across Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Andrew also served as the Chief Risk Officer for a Special Economic Zone in Laos. His role revolved around investor management, government liaison and financial risk management.

Sree Murthi

Sree Murthi is a Blockchain and IEO advisor. He has worked with a variety of Blockchain firms in the area of strategy, tokenization, compliance, and marketing. The Blockchain industry is an almost near perfect fit for the intersection of experience Sree has. Sree is also actively involved in Blockchain training for university student and public forums. He is a Certified Blockchain Trainer under International Consortium For Blockchain (ICB) from USA.

Prior to this, he was the IT Manager of Axon Solution Malaysia, Technology Park in Kuala Lumpur.

Sree has extensive experience in Information technology, specifically around Artificial Intelligence and Disaster recovery. Skilled in Innovation, digital transformation, Insurance operations, Payment Gateway, Financial Technology (Fintech) and Start-up mentor. Strong leadership capability to make difference with 20 years of experience in IT Industry wiring in multiple countries & geography.


Damodraran (Damo) is a Technopreneur with Multifunctional experience from start-up to profitable exits.

Damo has served in senior position as regional director and CEO for multinational corporations across Europe and South East Asia. Damo delivered high Impact Technology Solutions & Products for global corporations for various industries including banking, logistics and FMCG. He established the sales & delivery units in new geographies and transformed these into profitable business units. Damo has successfully executed AI & ML based solutions such as Technology Assisted Scientific Approach to Voter Segmentation and Alternative data based credit scoring for Microloans segments.

Damo managed M&A , JV, Investments in multiple ventures delivering profitable returns for the stake holders.

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