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As the society of tomorrow further integrate their physical and digital lives, having access to digital financial profiling will put you one step ahead of the competition and be more innovative in your product development.

Omni-channel Data

Our AI platform can derive alternative data from a variety of channels including smartphones, OCR conversion of printed materials, websites, social media, publicly available information and other proprietary sources.

Versatile Data Extraction Technology

Our technology is designed to extract, transform, study and interpret various forms of digital alternative data from social media to transaction data and smartphone metadata. As long as the data is digital, we have a way to process it.

Mobile Ready

Our solution is mobile ready and can be downloaded as a customer-facing application for data extraction and consolidation purposes.

Simplified Implementation: Plug And Play

The Alfie platform was designed to be a stand-alone module or could be integrated into your infrastructure.

Seamless API Integration

Our platform is built of a plug and play model and can easily and efficiently integrate with your existing systems.

Use Case

The use cases for our AI and technology is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

The basic idea is that the work we do help you to better understand your customers and target audience's preferences, behaviours and lifestyle.

Speak to us to discuss your specific concerns or business issues and let's explore how we could collaborate.

Alfie can help you to:

Expand Your Customer Base

FHaving more granular details about your individual customers will allow you to think twice about your value proposition to them and if they can be a good customer. We see most impact in the financial services industry with Perpetual Credit Monitoring and Credit Scoring.

Develop Innovative Products & Services

With more insights into your products performance and customer preferences, you will be able to design customized products and services to fit the highest demand with optimized profit margins.

Problem Solving

We analyse problems by considering the financial, behavioural and digital dimensions to provide a risk-based and wholistic view of your business, suppliers, clients and partners.

Make Quicker Decisions

Using AI will allow you to make quicker decisions through automation using pre-determined criteria. Examples include pre-approval for credit products and discounts for preferred customers.

Increase Profitability

Strategically manage and control your business with real time data and match supply and demand for your product and services. Using alternative data, you will gain deeper insights into your business and gain a more intimate understanding of who, what, where, when and how you are engaging your customers.

Lower Operational Costs

Operational costs are easier to manage when you know the cost drivers and its impact on your business, including what investments to make so you have happy customers.